This is a free and non-denominational event – no purchase necessary to take part.

Let us come together for 20 minutes.
For the universal, non-denominational, and all-inclusive event in October this year.
You are all welcome!


20th or 21st October 2018 depending on where you are



What’s it all about?

Imagine coming to a place of great joy where you can forget any worries and feel completely at home.

We are creating a space to do just that.


To remind us all of who we truly are.


To help us make the right decisions in our lives.

What do I need to do to take part?

At the your local appointed time, speak, chant or sing the universal mantra for 20 minutes.

“Baba Nam Kevalam”


The sacred and energised mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” is a universal mantra that may be sung, spoken or chanted by everyone.

For Kiirtan Hour 2018 we are supporting AMURTEL Greece, as mentioned above this is a free event and donations are optional.

For Kiirtan Hour 2018 there are 2 tunes to sing.

Kiirtan For Peace Kiirtan Hour 2018 Track 1

Kiirtan Hour 2018 Track 1
A recording of track 1 for Kiirtan Hour 2018.
Recorded live at Ydrefors, Sweden during the new year programme 2018.

(G, Em, C, D)×2 ; (C,D)×2

Posted by Kiirtan for Peace and All Round Prosperity on Monday, 15 January 2018

Kiirtan Hour 2017 supported Haiti 

Listen again to the clip from the Avarta Kiirtan CD kindly donated by Jyoshna La Trobe and Sunrise Na hÉireann for Kiirtan Hour 2017. Kiirtan Hour 2017 supported AMURTEL Haiti and those who wished to support it bought the Avarta Kiirtan CD. All profits from the Avarta Kiirtan CD sales in there entirety went to AMURTEL Haiti. If you wish to hear more beautiful singing of this universal mantra at the same time as helping AMURTEL in Haiti you can still order the album through:
Avarta Kiirtan album at Innersong
or the CD from:

Listen to track 1 of the Avarta Kirtan album